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If you’re reading this I would presume you’d like to know a bit more about me, after all, this page is titled ‘about me’. Either that or you accidentally stumbled upon the magical land that is my blog (and I promise you it is magic - we have UNICORNS). If this is the case then I welcome you with open arms… minus the open arm part. I’m serious, I don’t like hugs, leave me alone. Metaphorical open arms suit me just fine. However, if it is the first option, please do continue reading.

DISCLAIMER: I request that you do not sue me. It is to my great displeasure that I must inform you I was not blessed with mind reading abilities so I cannot claim to know what you wish me to tell you. One thing I can say is that I will try my best to provide you with vaguely interesting information. I can also say with certainty that this effort will be pitiful because as a blob fish, I don’t tend to do much.

Hello! I go by many names but the one I most commonly respond to is Erin, probably because that’s my birth name. I also respond to Aaron because let’s face it, they sound quite similar, or at least they do with my accent. It would help if I pronounced it as Er-in and not Ar-in though. Sorry parents, I know you tried to give me a nice name but my laziness with pronunciation has ruined it.

I am 18 years old and have yet to take the test to get my drivers licence... - I just don’t want to run any cats over! Or people. But mostly cats.
I live in the country of Australia in a place called Wollongong. Because I am smart enough to know that half the world is going to have no clue where that is let me say this: it’s that place near Sydney that no one cares about. You know Sydney? Australia’s capital city? No! Canberra is the capital but half the world still hasn’t realised. But that’s fine, I’m not great at geography myself. Did you know Paris was the capital of France? That was one big revelation for me. No wonder the place is such a popular tourist destination.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now or have stalked my stupidly large number of social media accounts then you would already know that some of my interests include:
  • doing artsy fartsy activities
  • photographing anything and everything
  • reading - a hobby which I often pair with photography by taking an incessant number of photos of my books
  • and dropping books in pools*.

*this last one is not so much of a hobby as something I did by accident once. You see, I pay a lot of attention to my surroundings - please note my sarcasm - and one day I was reading my book by my neighbours pool and suddenly the book flew out of my hands and landed in the water (yes. it flew because I clearly didn’t drop it because I’m clumsy or anything like that… now we know what books do when we aren’t home. THEY FLY!) The book in question is Eldest. I feel the need to point out that I also spilled the entire contents of my full water bottle on the first book in the series, Eragon.

One last thing. I shall warn you now that one day I plan to take over the world. Here’s a little insight into my plan. I shall shock everyone with my terrible puns (which I am very fond of making) and while they ponder over the questions that is, “How can one person be so bad at making jokes?” I shall take over the world! As you can see the plan is very concise, there isn’t a single step missing at all. I must say it was a bit of a tossup as to wether I would use puns or sarcasm as my shock factor though.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please stick around and talk to me. Please, I’m lonely. 


  1. I love your blog so much! I can't believe how talented you are at this age! If you have time please could you check out my blog? http://dreamyella.blogspot.co.uk/ It would make my day if you did. Lauren

    1. Thank you so much Lauren. I will head over to your blog right now :)

      Erin xx

  2. First of all, your blog name is rad. I love the header! It made me smile :) Also, we are name twins! So that is the bomb dot com. Cool blog! I was looking through your posts and you have great music taste! :D Nice to meet ya.

    1. Thanks :) You can join the fellowship of the Erin's. It's like the fellowship of the ring, only less life threatening.


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