Last year I bought a diary to help me organise my life so when that diary was no longer relevant, I decided to look for another which might be suitable. Unfortunately I had a very specific picture in mind of the size and format, a combination which just wasn't available. This being the case, I decided to make my own.

To make the diary I followed this video tutorial: by Biana Bova on Youtube. 

It's actually a tutorial for a sketchbook but it all works the same.

Making your own diary is a great option as it allows you to customise every aspect. 

My diary:

  • weekly page spread with room for extra notes
  • a yearly calendar
  • monthly calendars
  • envelope type pockets - some made of fabric, others made of paper - to hold extra things
  • note pages at the end of each month
  • a page to write down all my assessments and their due dates
  • and spare pages at the back in case I think of something else I may wish to add later on in the year
I just thought it would be fun to share this creation with you in case you wanted a diary but didn't yet have one for the year - you could make one :) Or perhaps you're in need of a journal or a sketchbook as the tutorial was intended.




Last year I got a GoPro and decided to bring it on holidays with me. The footage isn't the greatest - not only was this my first time using the camera (and I hadn't a clue what I was doing), I was also a tad preoccupied with enjoying myself. Nevertheless I decided to piece together some of the clips that weren't so unstable they could've brought on an epileptic fit as a nice way for my family to remember our time in QLD.

Considering we visited Queensland halfway through 2016, I figured it was time to actually upload this video. I will also be sharing some photos from the trip in the near future.